Workshops for Theatre Artists

Cartoon de Salvo artists come from a wide variety of backgrounds including Lecoq-based physical performance, street theatre, improvisation and clowning. The company is proud of its tight ensemble skill and trust amongst performers. Workshops are the best way for us to get to know performers interested in working with the company.

We are also committed to training and development within the company. In the past, this has included e.g. working with Toby Sedgwick, China Plate’s Ed Collier and Paul Warwick on our devising processes at the Arvon, Shropshire; and visiting San Francisco to train with Bay Area Theatresports in Long-Form Improvisation.

We are always developing the pool of performers, theatre-makers and potential collaborators who’re interested in how we work. Workshops we currently offer are:

Complicity and Presence
Some actors can just ‘be’ on stage and be so totally watchable. We’ll look at how actors can find this pleasure to be present in front of (and with) the audience – and why this is important in all sorts of theatre.

Devising for Story
What happens to the actor and the devising process if the focus is on story? Who is the ‘writer’? Who has the ideas? Practical and provocative devising for actors, writers and directors.

Long-Form Improvisation
We’ll show you how to walk out on stage with nothing but your imagination and create a whole story. We’ll look at narrative, location, character and ensemble. Basic Keith Johnstone impro knowledge is a pre-requisite.

To talk about booking a workshop please contact us.