The Sunflower Plot (2005)

Keep out of direct sunlight, they told Ike. But he’d always preferred to do things his own way. Past the runner beans and behind the shed, there’s a gardener with his wellies in the earth and his head in the sun-kissed clouds… As the summer evenings close, join the ‘beautifully inventive and very, very funny’ (Metro, London) Cartoon de Salvo on an outdoor adventure, as they relate the mud splattered myth of a man whose allotment was the ultimate escape.

“It sees the magic in the everyday and the extraordinary in lives so ordinary they are almost invisible. It knows that the broken hearts of the small and insignificant matter as much as the great tragedies and love stories of art and literature.
**** Lyn Gardner in The Guardian on ‘The Sunflower Plot’

Inspired by the myth of Icarus, The Sunflower Plot was a promenade outdoor theatre event featuring gardening, pyrotechnics and comic songs performed with the help of a musical saw. It was set on the company’s own grown allotments in Farnham and Newark. Made in collaboration with The World Famous.