Pub Rock

“The Salvos treat us to a gig with a difference… Let’s hope they rock on”
**** Evening Standard (Top Five London Shows / Critics Choice)

“Warm, funny and brave”
Time Out

“Superb at delicately portraying the hurts and tensions of everyday relationships… An inspired idea”
The Guardian

Pub Rock is a site-specific rock’n’roll theatre event – part theatre, and part pub rock gig. It’s about a band – One Trick Pony – that’s been together since school. They’ve been rockin’ all over the UK for twenty years giving audiences exactly what they want. So what makes tonight different? Cartoon de Salvo’s acclaimed show starts like any other good-time gig in the corner of an ordinary boozer. Artistic differences emerge, the gig starts to break down – and guitarist Richie announces he is leaving to concentrate on his ‘experimental material’. A row escalates, and finally Richie unplugs his guitar, mid-Status Quo, and walks out of the door. We follow his journey on the Sky Sports screen, as he leaves the pub, walks down the street and exits One Trick Pony forever…

Pub Rock is a slice of pub life and a tale of risk, loyalty and artistic integrity, all accompanied by a playlist of great pub-rock classics. It explores and celebrates an unheralded British institution: the pub rock band. It is a show about risk; about sticking your neck out even though the threat of failure is huge. It is about loyalty and fear of change. It also plays with the tension between different types of art – the songs we’ve chosen (Mustang Sally, Summer of ’69, 500 Miles ) are the ‘guilty pleasures’ that make wedding receptions so good, that only sullen teenagers or the pretentious turn their noses up at.

You can watch the rehearsal trailer here. You’ll find an interview with the company along with audience feedback here. Salvo Brian Logan wrote this piece about the show for The Guardian.

Commissioned by the Lyric Hammersmith, its development was supported by Corn Exchange Newbury. A 2010 UK rural tour to pubs was commissioned by Beaford Arts and supported by Take Art and the National Rural Touring Forum (NRTF).

Other info you might like to know

Touring Party:       4 performers, 1 technician